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Accounting jobs are in high demand in today's economy. They regularly offer great benefits and a pleasant work environment, and they have a very positive industry outlook over the next 10 years. The pay is competitive, and jobs are readily available in many sectors.

Benefits of Accounting Jobs

Accountants work for firms in various capacities, but their main priority is analyzing the financial health of the firm and balancing the firm's financials to ensure accurate and appropriate handling and recording of firm funds. Accountant jobs are full-time positions, working in office environments or, on occasion, from the comfort of home. These roles often require a four-year college degree and offer preferential treatment to those with specific certifications like the CPA (certified public accountant) designation. An accounting degree is often ideal, but many firms will consider applicants with a four-year degree in business, no matter what the specialty. This requirement varies depending on the firm's specific policy. The average accountant earns nearly $70,000 per year and most commonly has a suitable benefits package. The average entry-level accounting salary starts at approximately $40,000.

The Outlook for the Accounting Industry

In 2016, there were just under 1,400,000 accounting jobs in the United States. A 10 percent growth rate is expected over the next 10 years, which is aboveacross all industries. Because these jobs are so closely related to the overall health of the economy, generally speaking, as the economy grows year after year, the accounting industry will follow suit. Accountants are needed wherever there are businesses, so the job availability does not vary much from state to state, as long as there is business growth within the state.

Accounting jobs provide a great opportunity not only for a quality work environment, steady pay and good benefits, but they go one step further. They provide accounting careers. As an experienced accountant, job availability increases even more, allowing the prospective employee more flexibility and more choices in their career progression.

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